News – Monkey bites kid at restaurant in…you guessed it…Florida – STUART — It’s not everyday you go to a restaurant for a nice meal and go home with a monkey bite.

But that’s what happened July 16 to Jaxson Ignelzi, 8, when he went to Carrabba’s Italian Grill in the 2700 block of Southeast Federal Highway with his dad, Joseph Ignelzi.

An incident report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission released Wednesday detailed how 9-month-old JoJo the Capuchin monkey bit the boy who was petting her outside on the patio, and how her owners were handed six citations. 

Jaxson’s family took the boy to a local hospital, where he was given Tylenol and the wound on his finger was cleaned, according to the report. The state Health Department in Martin County was contacted, which contacted the FWC the next day.

The boy’s family declined to comment.

Honestly if you came to me and simply said “Yo some kid got bit by a monkey at Carrabbas” I would immediately follow-up and say what part of Florida was it in…only in Florida can you get bitten by a monkey while enjoying some Italian food.

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