News – “#NoMoreMayo: North Florida town changes name to Miracle Whip” – MAYO, Fla. — Looking for a different flavor, the Town of Mayo changed its name Saturday morning.

Plain old Mayo is out. In its place is the tangy taste of Miracle Whip.

Well, sort of.

Mayor Ann Murphy issued the proclamation announcing the temporary name change in a ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park accompanied by Miracle Whip representatives as well as a film crew that has spend most of the week filming in town.



A sign unveiled at the ceremony, including the new slogan of #NoMoreMayo.

For the “name change,” the town received a $25,000 donation from the company for beautification projects.

Murphy, stressing that there were no secret meetings held that would have violated the state’s Sunshine Laws in regards to the name change, said she wasn’t originally on board when Miracle Whip first approached the town about a month ago with what Brand Manager Molly White even admitted was a different, tangy idea.

“I was like, ‘No way, because they are going to be really angry,’” Murphy said about the town’s 1,200 residents, even announcing to the crowd prior to the ceremony that the name change wasn’t permanent.

Originally the plan wasn’t to announce that fact until Monday.

However, word about the proclamation leaked out Friday, in part due to the unveiling of the change on the water tower where “Miracle Whip” replaced “Mayo.”

Even so, the event was still everything the company was hoping for, even if a little different.

“We wanted to make it a good time for the town,” said Molly White, brand manager with Miracle Whip, which also handed out jars of its product and caps and shirts proclaiming “Proud to be from Miracle Whip, Florida” and #NoMoreMayo following the ceremony.

This was definitely clever marketing by Miracle Whip but I keep getting reminded how much life is starting to mirror a damn sitcom, this is something straight out of Parks and Rec or The Office. Either way they got me writing about them so I guess they win.

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