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Life of secrecy, undercover,  andunder the radar- secret agents! Another level of intelligence, and not a normal human.. yet nothing is normal in that line of work. Let’s overturn the blind eye of these secret agents in MILE 22. An interesting mix between (Ben Affleck’s) The Accountant and (Clint Eastwood’s) The Gauntlet…you end up with Mile 22. Two movies that are very good on their own, so you ask “what could go wrong”?? Hmmm in the Accountant, we find that our man of the hour is a super savant with a healthy side of Asperger’s syndrome thrown in for good measure, which gives a good excuse for limited dialogue.

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Sometimes limited dialogue is a good thing & in the Accountant, it works. That same strong silent type always worked for Clint in his movies also. In Mile 22 Mark Wahlberg’s character is not the strong silent type, but instead a distinct secret agent with a hard case of tourettes. His dialogue that he works with makes him a semi-not likable character. It’s a very awkward dialogue that is too long at times for its own good. But, looking past that alone, the action picks up where the writing lacks. It’s a fairly decent action film with a semi decent storyline. It’s not a classic and it’s not up to par with this years greats but it does well by staying in its own lane.

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MILE 22 plays itself in a different aspect, trying to differ itself from the norm, but it has bad camera work and poor editing. Some of its work is sloppy and all over the place, but remember I said it does well to stay in its own lane. The “Unlikeable” character of Marky Mark as James Silva, is balanced by a really good effort from Rhonda Rousey, and especially the role portrayed by Lauren Cohan as one bad ass woman, she did her thing! One person really takes the cake- Iko Uwais as (Li Noor) seriously steals the movie with his calm manner, and amazing kick ass fight choreography. The story could have much better if it was not over drawn with too much monologue, it bored it down! High surprise ending though! (If there is one), I hope that the sequel can be executed with a better plan, script, buildup, more elegant editing, and more focus on hand to hand combat .

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I’m giving this movie a 3.8 veggie burgers a little light on the sides. It just needed more work. The action was incredible but the dialogue was too drawn out and dull at times but it was a good summer action movie. I can definitely say that it does have re-watchable value and that says a lot. This movie had great potential but hit the wall, if it does have a sequel…. please please do it right! So get up and head to the theater and check it out, give Marky Mark some love and let me know your thoughts. Come back and get more from me THE MOVIE MAN, and continue to follow JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need to stay relevant!!! Keep it grubbin!!

**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 3.8**

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