Movie Reviews with Tim – Slender Man

Let me first apologize because this will definitely be out of the norm and secondly I want to say this will possibly be the shortest review I will ever do. As we all know every season has to produce it’s scary movie, and the summer is not the place for the best ones such as it is for the fall. But, the award for the worst horror movie I’ve ever seen goes to….. drumroll……. SLENDER MAN!!! An urban legend that was possibly and allegedly a true story should have stayed just that. No way should this filth have been brought to the big screen. What’s sad is that this movie surpasses my previous “worst horror movie ever”, (Truth or Dare) the audacity to continue to destroy everyone’s eyes, brains and hours with garbage like this is insane.

This movie is terrible, very very bad, bad acting, terrible sound and special effects. If and I mean that with a big (I- and – F) you go and see this please know that I warned you and approach with no caution, just know it’s bad. I give this movie the JustFilms’ minimal score of a 2.0 because it’s that, “a movie” and trust me I would have given it a zero. So with that being said don’t go see this! Save your time and money and keep it grubbin!!! Ughhhhh pure garbage !!!

**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 2.0**

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