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    You heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf? Well, this is not that story. Let’s get to the beginning of a mans best friend. There has been a few well done-“Good” movies that take place during prehistoric time periods and let me say that “ALPHA” is now one of those few!  You have to see this movie, and do yourself the pleasure of viewing this in IMAX the experience will be well worth it!

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      Alpha is an amazing story, so authentic that it makes you wonder if it was a true story. It has more than astonishing cinematography, broad and audacious action-suspense scenes and a powerful and unforgettable ending that touches the heart. Alpha’s authenticity may make this the first film that truly tells the story of how the wolf was created to become friends with humans and ultimately the beginning of our relationship with dogs? If you own and love  dogs you will understand, and this movie will touch you deeply. This movie has great cinematography, I loved that it used pure Native American dialogue, culture, and it’s beautiful atmosphere. You will be blown away by the mountains, terrains, wildlife and the beauty of the northern lights. for 96 minutes become submerged in pure nature! 

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     Nowadays we tend to forget what reality is and the purity of life, what it means to dream and to be inspired, to have real fun. Alpha is a movie with a meaning and a purpose. This is a movie of purity that re-opens the heart and the sensibility of life. The “REAL” meaning of sacrifice, determination and the love for “REAL” friends and family! 

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        I give this movie a 4.8 great great beyond meat juicy vegan cheese burgers it was incredible! I think the PG13 rating should be lowered to PG, yes there was a ton violence but this is a movie that children under 13 need to see and learn from. A great movie for the whole family. Get off the couch get everyone and go see this, learn something and come away touched with a beautiful story. Make sure to come back to me THE MOVIE MAN with your feedback and keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need. Oh yeah remember to….. KEEP IT GRUBBIN!! 


**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 4.8**

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