News – “Coco Pops drops ‘approved by mums’ slogan after complaints from fathers “ – Coco Pops has changed its “approved by mums” slogan after fathers complained it was sexist. 

Kellogg’s, which makes Coco Pops, said it would swap the word “mums” to “parents” instead, in order to be more inclusive of fathers.  

It comes after campaign group, Father’s for Justice, staged a protest at a branch of Asda in Peterborough over what they described as “cereal discrimination” against dads on packaging.

Since the cereal reformulated its recipe earlier this year Coco Pops boxes have carried the slogan: “Improved recipe, loved by kids, approved by mums”

A Kellogg’s spokesman said: “We’ve listened to Coco Pops shoppers and changed the wording on our new reduced sugar Coco Pops packs. The message on Coco Pops packs will now say ‘approved by parents’.”  

In July Kellogg’s slashed the amount of sugar in its Coco Pops breakfast cereal by 40 per cent and salt by 10 per cent.

It now has 17g of sugar per 100g, rather than 30g, putting the brand ahead of Government’s goal of 20 per cent less sugar in cereal and snacks by 2020.

The move sparked hundreds of complaints from consumers who described the cereal was “tasteless” following the change. 


Father of three Matt O’Connor, said: “My son Archie is a fan of Coco Pops but we were horrified when we bought a pack recently to see it said it was approved by mums only.”

“Why are fathers like me excluded from brands like this?” “This is cereal discrimination by Kellogg’s who have dumped dads. Now we’re going to dump Coco Pops.”

“This father-free cereal sends a sexist, dangerous and fatherphobic message that dads are irrelevant in the lives of their children.”

The Advertising Standards Authority is currently consulting on banning gender stereotypes in adverts over fears they could be harmful to society. 

Coco Pops has changed its “approved by mums” slogan after fathers complained it was sexist.

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