News – “Fish googly eyes a new scam in Kuwait” – Dubai: A video showing a fish with plastic eyes pushed Kuwaiti authorities to close a shop that was trying to fraud people by hiding its rotting eyes. The state of a fish’s eyes indicates its freshness.

The video posted on Facebook was shared on WhatsApp groups and then was posted on the Twitter account of Kuwaiti newspaper Al Bayan — it then went viral.

Yellow, cloudy and sunken-into-the-head eyes are signs that the fish is more than two days old.

One Twitter user mockingly tweeted: “Never judge the freshness of fish by the googliness of their eyes.”

Kuwaitis were angered by the apparently fraudulent way of keeping fish fresh.

A few weeks ago, one seller was caught stuffing fish with metal nails to increase its weight.

One tweep posted: “One time nail, the next fake eyes, next time they will sell us fake fish toys, lack of honesty and cheating is mastered by a lot of people looking for quick profits.”

Others have called on the government to heighten inspections over the fish market to curb dishonest practices.

“Inspections should be increased and cheaters should be punished with the strongest penalities to make them learn their lesson.”

Meanwhile, rival hawkers updated their slogans when calling customers, such as: “Fish with no plastic surgery” and “Fish without contact lenses”.

Soooooooo don’t eat the fish from Kuwait is basically what you’re trying to tell me….note taken…

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