Home Chef- Week 15 & 16

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I used to be good at keeping up with a weekly or biweekly post of my meal subscription, Home Chef, but I’ve been busy with work. Shout out to the angry Reddit user who thinks I’m getting paid for this. I wish! I can’t even get people to use my coupon lol. If I was being paid for this, I’d post more consistently, give more detailed reviews, and as he stated, take better pictures. But we are all only here for the food anyway so….

Day 29: Roasted Salmon with Ginger-Scallion Sauce and charred green beans


I’ve had a similar meal in the past from Home Chef that was my favorite and that still holds true but this was still delicious and very easy to cook.

Day 30: Pecan-Crusted Chicken with BBQ-spiced carrots


This was different! That’s the only way I really know of to describe it. But the flavors definitely complimented each other well.

Day 31: New England-Style Fish Cakes with romaine and tomato salad


I’ve had fish cakes twice in the past from Home Chef and this was good but not my favorite. The Old Bay definitely gave them a completely different flavor though.

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