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An intense mystery. A thriller for the ages. A fathers will, and the determination to stop at nothing to solve the puzzle. John Cho in possibly his best role to date, “Searching” is more than a movie is a touching true to life tale, an eye opener to being aware!

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From the moment I first saw the preview for Searching, I knew this was definitely a movie I needed to see. I’m a huge fan of mysteries/thrillers, and figured this one would be average, but entertaining. Let me tell you that I was wrong! This movie is anything but average, and took me on a mind blowing journey that hit an array of emotions along the way.

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This is one of few movies to truly keep me guessing and on the edge of my chair until the very end. Every single time I thought I knew where it was going and the mystery would be solved- BAM, was I wrong! The constant use of technology was nothing short of brilliant. What could have been seen as humor or just completely misused, was done perfectly. It felt as if I was watching an actual true crime story unfold. The direction and acting was stellar! Both John Cho and Debra Messing were incredible in their character performances. You will get caught in the emotion and feel the anguish throughout this entire film.

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I highly recommend this movie for anyone looking for something new, and who loves a good Thriller, because this one is outstanding! I’m giving this movie a 4.8 great vegan cheeseburgers with some nice crispy sweet potato fries yuuuuuummm! This movie sucks you in right from the beginning. So many twists and turns will have you on edge until it’s extraordinary nail biting finale. So you must, and I mean must get up off the couch and get to the theater and see “SEARCHING” ASAP!! Get back to me the MOVIE MAN and give me your feedback. Make sure you keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbinfor everything you need!  We got you covered….. plus you better keep it grubbin!!!

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