News – “Kylie Jenner claims to put milk in her cereal for the first time” – Kylie Jenner’s recent breakfast admission has sent the internet into a tailspin.

Tweeting to her fans this week, the star revealed that she’s never eaten cereal with milk before.

‘Last night I had cereal with milk for the first time. Life changing’ the Keeping up with Kardashians star tweeted to her fans.

Her flavour of choice was cinnamon toast crunch with regular milk.. but has considered branching out to almond milk. Baby steps, Kylie. Learn to walk before you run.

Jenner’s preference for dry cereal caught the attention of some celebrities who weighed in with their own breakfast tips.

Other social media commentators were deeply disturbed by the fact that the star has never having experienced the classic combination.

But it wasn’t long before TMZ dug up an old photo, that potentially disputes her initial cereal claim.

In 2013, Jenner had posted an image of her breakfast bowl, which seemed to contain some milk and we have questions. 

Why would a person make that up? Unless you wholeheartedly forgot (because she’s so damn rich I’m sure cereal was the last thing on her mind)….however my first thoughts when cereal gate went down was….”Damn imagine living such a life where even as a kid you never tried freaking cereal with milk”….i’m sure we’ll get another update in a couple of days #CerealGate

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