News – “Report: Comerica Park Employee In Police Custody After Spitting On Pizza” – A food services employee at Comerica Park, where the Detroit Tigers attempt to play professional baseball, is reportedly in police custody after another employee posted a video on Instagram of him spitting on the beginnings of a pizza while working at a concession stand.

Quinelle May, who posted the video of the spitter on Saturday, told WXYZ in Detroit that “the worker was ‘mad and having a bad day’ and also claimed to have done it in the past.” May said that his managers got mad at him when he tried to show them the video, and he was threatened with prosecution if he didn’t take the Instagram post down. Detroit Sportservice, which runs the concessions at Comerica Park, denied the second part of his claim in a statement.

Honestly, I always thought bodily fluids were Little Caesars’ secret ingredient.

I seriously gag every time I come across this fucking video…I would have blogged it earlier but it’s literally disgusting. I don’t care what kind of day you’re having…there’s no reason to take it out on everyone else …ESPECIALLY like this! Did you guys see the size of that fucking loogie? And his dumbass didn’t see the camera clear as day in his face? What did he think was going to happen.

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