News – “‘Spit or Swallow’ Beer Coasters in Welcome Package Upset UK University Students” – Brushbox caught flak for the ill-conceived promo material featuring toothpaste foam suggestively dripping from a woman’s mouth.

Earlier this week, a church in Roseburg, Oregon decided to change the message on its sign after…pretty much everyone thought it was a sexual reference. “Forgiveness is to swallow when you want to spit,” the Westside Christian Church reminded everyone in all-caps block letters. The church’s pastor, Rick McMichael, insisted that the message was meant to be a pure one: “Well, you have saliva, and a lot of times when you get annoyed, you spit at people,” he told the News-Review. “You should just swallow it and get over it.”

Meanwhile, students at England’s University of Sussex have zero interest in swallowing it or getting over it after the school passed out branded beer mats that also had some unnecessary oral sex imagery—but this time, the innuendo was on purpose.

According to the BBC, the beer mats were designed by toothbrush subscription company Brushbox, and distributed to incoming freshman by a company called Dig-In. The photo on one side of the beer mat showed a close-up of a woman’s mouth, complete with a white substance coating her teeth and tongue, and dripping from her lower lip. (It… looked like semen.) The other side contained an advertisement for the company which said “Whether you spit or swallow as part of your (twice…) daily oral regime, place your oral health on autopilot with Brushbox.”

Ahh I don’t know man, to me that’s a good double entendre. However, knowing how some people might not be having any type of intercourse in college this is a pretty poor decision. I can just picture some of the fake outrage by others that just like stirring the pot & some of the parents as well. Definitely a bad move by Brushbox imo. 

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