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Ok here we go again…. when a series has done a great job at putting things together, building up its story and setting up series of events, it’s only right that you continue and finish the story with a bang. Well…. this bang was less than a dollar store firework, more like a sparkler.. “THE NUN”. Continuing the conjuring story and sets place years a head of the original CONJURING, this one didn’t do any justice to its predecessors! Being real brief with this review I will keep it simple, THIS MOVIE WAS BAD!

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This movie is by far the second most boring movie in the conjuring series especially after the first Annabelle. The jump scares are just overly predictable, you know exactly what’s about to happen before it does. There are three main characters, and none of them have any interesting value to contribute to the plot. Well, to be fair the plot itself had little to no interesting value at all. You may want to skip this one.

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I was looking forward to this movie, but I definitely should have known better. LOL!!! It’s boring at best and stupid at worst. I think that good horror movies should only use the same scare once, but this movie used the “there’s nothing behind them, pan the camera away, pan back and SOMETHIHG IS BEHIND THEM” trick multiple times, and omg did that trash get old really fast. The acting was awful … the plot and direction was stupid … and in trying to use the titular Nun like The legends of Freddy or Michael Myers they really undercut how creepy she could have been. Im giving this movie a 2.3 hot hot hot garbage turtle butt burgers, it gets the automatic 2 because it’s a movie…. obviously!! But other than that it’s a pure waste of time! Please please leave this series alone, it’s done!! Do yourself a favor and skip this … PERIOD! Huuuuuh. Get back to me the MOVIE MAN and give me your feedback. Make sure you keep it locked to JustFilms andJustgrubbin for everything you need!  We got you covered….. plus you better keep it grubbin!!!

**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 2.3**

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