News – “‘I’m going on a spending spree!’ Shoppers rejoice as Baileys alcoholic ICE CREAMS are spotted in Tesco – but you’ll need ID to buy them” – Baileys has launched Caramel Sensations made with real liqueur

  • Drinks brand is selling packs of four frozen treats for just £3.89 in Tesco 
  • Shoppers will need to bring identification to buy them because of the alcohol
  • Instagrammers have gone wild for the treats, with many saying they ‘need’ the

Baileys has long been a beloved tipple in households all over the country, but its latest incarantoin is already proving a hit.

Shoppers have been sent into a frenzy after a pack of Baileys Caramel Sensations ice creams was spotted for sale in Tesco.

The £3.89 treats come in boxes of four and contain the alcohol found in bottles of the drink, so ID will be need to buy them from stores. 

After a snap of the treats was posted to Instagram account Newfoodsuk, people flooded the page with comments saying they ‘need’ to get their hands on a packet of the treats. 

Tesco are selling packs of four Baileys Caramel Sensation ice creams that contain real alcohol.. They sell for £3.89 in the store and shoppers will need ID to get their hands on them because of the alcohol content

The shoppers behind the Instagram account spotted the treats at an unnamed branch alongside Magnum and Cornetto ice creams in the freezers.

Announcing the good news, they wrote ‘@baileysofficial caramel sensation ice cream sticks found at @tescofood,’ followed by heart eye emojis.

Booze…Ice Cream…there really isn’t much more I have to say is there??

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