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Going from extraordinary built up hype, trailers and eye catching visual effects, this movie KIN had everything imaginable to be a classic. Buuuuut, that’s not how this story goes. Far from a classic, not even scratching the surface, and as confused as a mainstream movie gets, this high-rate sci-fi head scratcher  turned super yarn fest seems to piss off more clichés than a whore in church!!!

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A troubled adopted kid lashing out, neglected older brother with a heart of gold, super stern father with fortune-cookie wisdom, damaged girl whom is overly alluring , dirtied-down James Franco… hail the list goes on. Throw in a coming-of-age tale loosely wrapped in an otherworldly mystery, with a side of poker-robbery, road tripping and getting drunk in a strip club, and this is movie-making by checklist. It’s not hard to see why this was originally a short film – 15 minutes is more than enough to tell this story. There are a few golden gems in this movie that can keep you engaged but the bad outweighs the good and makes you want to get up and walk out, again 15 minutes is all it needs.

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Truthfully, half of the movie I was bored. The characters were good, the story was so-so..However! The ending W-O-W, I couldn’t keep my eyes away, it was unexpected and I couldn’t believe it was ending. This was worth the garbage time that I wasted killing my hips and butt in the seats. The ending was so epic that it sets itself up for a highly anticipated sequel and now I cannot wait until the next one comes out. Sincerely, the ending changed my whole view about the movie. I want to know more!

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I give this movie KIN a 3.6 hmmm I can say it was like a burger of your choice but it was missing something, no seasoning, no condiments, something! It was bad but again the ending is well worth it. With that being said, I say check it out. See for yourself and see how you feel about this movie. Get back to me the MOVIE MAN and give me your feedback. Make sure you keep it locked to JustFilmsand Justgrubbin for everything you need!  We got you covered….. plus you better keep it grubbin!!!


**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 3.6**

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