News – “People are Losing It Over Peanut Butter and Mayo Sandwiches Existing” – Mayonnaise is a controversial condiment. There aren’t a lot of people who think mayo is “just okay.” Either they glob it on their favorite sandwiches (and if they’re truly demented, their salads) to the point that the two-plus other ingredients are really just a vehicle to ingest as much mayonnaise as possible, or the very thought of mayonnaise is more gag-inducing than watching the autopsy of a body recovered from a swamp, while hungover from a dozen margaritas.

Personally, I fall into the latter camp. I think plain old mayonnaise is heinous. I get personally offended when someone puts paper white mayo on my cheeseburger. I can get down on some aoili, which is basically just mayo with flavoring, and (hot take here) the best condiment to dip fries into, but that flavoring has got to be strong. If I get a hint of actual mayo flavor in your restaurant’s mayonnaise-based condiment you’re going to find yourself sawdusting my large pile of vomit. A fair proposition, I know.

Whatever your feelings on mayonnaise may be one thing about it is indisputable: it’s a dynamic condiment. It (theoretically) pairs with just about any sandwich. Italian, roast beef, club, BLT, veggie, ham and cheese, French Dip — mayo works on all of them and more.

Even a peanut butter sandwich, apparently. It’s a thing. A popular thing.

Living in Texas I’ve learned that everyone here puts mayo on everything, I mean everything. It’s on every sandwich I’ve ordered, along with mustard, and in some cases is actually kind of good.  On a peanut butter sandwich though is just outrageous.  Peanut butter should either be with jelly or fluff, end of story.  Maybe slide a banana in there here and there but you have to be a psychopath to put mayonnaise on your peanut butter sandwich.  


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