News – Serial Killer Wins Prison Bake Off Competition – EVIL Rose West has won first prize in a prison bake-off contest.

The serial killer won the competition after baking a Victoria sponge.

The impromptu event took place several weeks ago when inmates in Low Newton Prison’s F-Wing, where West is serving a life sentence, decided to see who could bake the best cake.

The 64-year-old, convicted of ten murders in 1995, came out on top after fellow lags voted her cake the best.

Despite being one of the most notorious female murderers in British history, West is allowed to use knives while under staff supervision.

“But she tends to diffuse situations by offering other prisoners cakes and biscuits.”…….Yea she would have me right where she wanted me if that’s how she’s defusing all beefs and violent encounters in jail….cakes and biscuits are the way to my heart.

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