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There are times when you have to give KUDOS to a brilliant project! This movie was not only amusingly smart but extremely fun! Thanks to (PITCH PERFECT’s) own Anna Kendrick and the amazingly beautiful Blake Lively, “A SIMPLE FAVOR”, is everything entertainment! Okay, yeah I’m pretty sure, it is silly & far-fetched. But and that’s a huge BUT, it was intelligently done, well paced with no gaping plot holes, and almost completely void of Hollywood agenda. This movie was perfect in its own perfect way! In fact, the role the obligatory (hidden and unusual) dad played at the end of the movie justified the character. Some unforeseen twists and aptly low-brow observations of parenthood all lent to a somewhat keen sense of humor. 

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       I’ve read the book by Darcey Bell and although the movie was quiet different, their differences were well done and not disappointing! Brought to life and amazingly portrayed, Blake Lively was the perfect person to play Emily it’s like the role was written for her, such talent and beauty and Anna Kendrick was also very good .. it’s full of twists turns and pure comedy with a twist of darkness, CAT AND MOUSE at its finest. 

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        “A Simple Favor” can be described as a thriller or suspense drama as watching things turn and twist as no one is who they seem to be. Again “FUN” is how I can describe this movie, smart is the outcome. I give this movie a 4.8, greatest of the greatest burgers of all time. This movie is up there and I don’t say this often but it will be a classic, something that you can watch multiple times. The characters are believable, the tone of the movie draws you into its atmosphere and you feel every feeling. Also along the way all of the themes of lust, trust, anger, fear, and denial are felt. As when Emily (Lively)goes missing the game gets complex as things are spiced up by sex, death, discovery, and many twist and turns are found as the plot is drama filled. Overall well done suspense thriller that keeps a viewer guessing as to who and what as nothing and no one is whom they seem to be.

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Great film! So get up off the couch get your significant other and you must head to the theater and see this movie!!!!! Make sure you come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and provide me with your feedback and keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need for food and entertainment!!!! 


**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 4.8**

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