Movie Reviews with Tim – Fahrenheit 11/9

Another brilliant look into the other side of the unseen. The facade of what we interpret as “NIGHT AND DAY”. Pursuit of happiness, the understanding of wealth and power, and the undermining of secrecy. Welcome back Michael Moore and welcome to the world FAHRENHEIT 11/9, an absolute masterpiece.

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      Michael Moore does a brilliant job depicting the culmination of events that occurred prior to Trump’s election. He as always goes deep into specifics as to how this seemingly beautiful country spiraled in this downward path from both a republican and democratic point of view. The game is always played, and the perception of reality is broadened. Moreover, his satirical approach combined with detailed precision in documenting the facts, which of course is the enemy of the right ring, gives a thorough look into the psychology of our nation. As always more importantly, Michael Moore tends to shed a bright light on what needs to be done in the future to prevent such an occurrence. 

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      He goes deep and shows the world things aren’t always what they seem especially from the outside looking in. Even with yours truly number “44”, things weren’t always what they seemed. Touching on points such as FLINTS water crisis and what else has taken place with that city, and also the power of a youth movement demanding change from school shootings, again we have been blinded from such reality. 

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        I give this movie a 5.0 monsters of mayhem impossible meat burgers, it was a classic Michael Moore masterpiece. From his standpoint on original Fahrenheit 9/11 to the beauty of this film. I will warn you that the “cult of Trump”, that would rather see our nation destroyed rather than uphold the constitution and morals of this great country, will intentionally give this movie a lower rating – without even seeing it. Open your brains people and your hearts!!! However, don’t judge this movie by those votes, go see it and you will be amazed. Let me know your feedback and come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and keep it locked here to JUSTFILMS AND JUSTGRUBBIN for everything you need entertainment. Oh yeah remember to KEEP IT GRUBBIN!!! 


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