News – “Krispy Kreme forced to close 24-hour drive-thru because people wouldn’t stop honking their horns” – Nobody could have anticipated this

Krispy Kreme has been forced to change its opening hours after its 24-hour drive-thru led to major noise complaints from the residents of the Blanchardstown area in Dublin, Ireland.

Seriously. This actually happened. Things genuinely got out of hand due to the opening of Ireland’s only Krispy Kreme.

There’s 316 of them in America. One store in Ireland and people… just can’t stop honking their horns?

Problems arose when hours-long queues of cars lined up to buy doughnuts at the newly opened stores — and repeatedly honked their horns in their wild excitement for doughnuts, causing disturbance in the area.

On Wednesday, Krispy Kreme has announced several changes in order to mitigate Ireland’s unforeseen and seemingly uncontrollable hunger for doughnuts.

Richard Cheshire, CEO of Krispy Kreme UK and Ireland said: “We anticipated a warm welcome for Krispy Kreme in Ireland and have long wanted to open a store here, but the response has been way ahead of our most optimistic expectations. For the customers coming into our store in Blanchardstown, the smiles and joy have been great to see.

   Hey, I think we’ve all been there. The mere headache migraine pain, the pitfall and emptiness of your stomach as it growls and hunger rises. The hangry moment comes to surface and the beast is coming out. Nothing can stop you at this point and not even the deadly hours of midnight and beyond when people are in their homes fast and sound asleep… hahahaha!!! Enter hangry KRISPY KREME monster! Wanting that late craving of oozing glaze and the rush of pure sugar in the soft dough that melts in your month, NOTHING can stop you! Waiting in line, who does that? Hail this place is 24 hrs and you need your fix now!!!

Damnit, NOW! Patience is irrelevant, time for the monsters to feed. This is hilarious because in Ireland, they have been letting it loose. Honking horns and letting the noise reign in the wee hours of the night all because of the greatness of Krispy Kreme. It’s to the point that the residents have become fed up with the noise and wants change. Hmmmm I’m on the fence with this… on one hand yes they have a point that the noise is uncontrollable and they just want their sleep-in quiet! And on the other hand, these people want their damn donuts.. and who wouldn’t especially when the crack is available for you 24 hrs. They just want it and want it now!!! Lol I love it. Maybe the residents just need a little of that crack too, they would sleep better at night. Hahaha KRISPY KREME WINS…

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