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Checker’s will always be near and dear to my heart because lord knows they held me down many MANY nights in college after partying. Me, Leer and Wayne went so much that they basically had our order ready for us when we walked in. For those of you that don’t know Checkers is a fast food chain that always has some sort of elite deal on deck, no seriously they basically give food away….matter fact I just got a text message the other day about 69 cent all american cheeseburgers. 69 cents bruh. With that being said I decided to rank my top 5 favorite Checkers menu items. I may have took some liberty with this list and got my Big Al “Top 3” on with a few ties but that’s only because ….I mean everything is just so damn good it was hard to scale it down.

5. Checker Burger/All American Burger

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All American Burger
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Checker Burger

These two bad boys are combined at 5 because they always come through in the clutch and usually their a part of one of those elite specials I mentioned before. You can grab like 8 of them, pay with a 10 and still get a 5 back. In this economy you can’t beat that.

4. Any one of their handcrafted milkshakes

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Anyone that’s familiar with Checkers knows about their milkshakes. They describe them on their website as the following “We all have to make choices. Choose to sip on something a little more indulgent. Our rich, thick, creamy milkshakes come in four flavors, each more delicious than the next.” I couldn’t describe them any better then that, their basically diner quality. My favorite is the Banana shake, I think I might have to go get one today actually.

3. Big Chicken Sandwich/ Big Spicy Chicken Sandwich

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Every single time I go to Checkers I tell myself i’m only going to get one thing but I always end up getting one of these also. For one you can usually get 2 for 5 bucks and two their one of the best fast food chicken sandwiches in the game. They aren’t exaggerating when they put “Big” in the name either, these chicken sandwiches are massive. I usually go with the spicy but you can’t go wrong with either one.

2. Big Buford

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Coming in at number 2 is probably my favorite fast food burger of all time, the motherfucking Big Buford. There was certain nights in college that I would only go out because I knew we we’re hitting Checkers after and I could get my fix *scratches neck like a true fiend*. Here’s how they describe it on their website “The Crown Jewel of our bold burger line-up. When you think “burger,” this is it. Two juicy patties and all the fixings. Yeah, this is how it’s done”. Yes , yes that’s EXACTLY how it’s done. I get mine with bacon (bacon..the candy of the meats..makes everything better) and in my college football days I could put down 3 of these easily in one sitting and plot on a chicken sandwich after. Stop judging me.

1. The legendary Checker seasoned fries


“Secretly seasoned. Famously good. Hot, crisp and made just for you.”

Do I really need to explain this one? If you’re a fan of fries you’ll go head over heels for Checkers fries. I’ve eaten checkers probably close to 100 times, and just like most fast food spots they have their off days but the fries are ALWAYS on point. I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t like them to some extent, and if I did I absolutely blocked that person out of my memory and life. Well that’s my Checkers power rankings, I hope you enjoyed the list. Leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts. Also let me know what else you would like me to rank. Now if you’ll excuse me people i’m going to get dinner aka HELLA Bufords.

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