News – “Cobb mom sneaks son’s sippy cup filled with alcohol into theater” – A Cobb County mother filled her son’s sippy cup with “a strong alcoholic beverage,” sneaked it into a local theater and got drunk during a Friday afternoon movie outing with the child, police said.

Kristina Gibson faces misdemeanor reckless conduct and public intoxication charges in connection with the alleged incident, which occurred at the Merchants Walk Stadium Cinemas at 1301 Johnson Ferry Road, according to a warrant obtained by

In the warrant, Cobb police allege Gibson drank the beverage and may have taken a central nervous system depressant while at the theater with her 5-year-old son. She became so intoxicated, she was “unable to walk, talk or care” for the child, whose cries prompted moviegoers to complain to theater employees, police said. Staff stopped Gibson from getting into her car with her son, according to the warrant. 

A theater employee called police after moviegoers notified them about the woman, Cobb police spokesman Sgt. Wayne Delk told Wednesday morning.

When I first read this headline I was like , damn this sounds like something that me and many of my friends have pulled off countless of times….until I actually read the article and realized home girl was popping pills and getting lit lit…couldn’t even walk?! You shouldn’t be on Future’s level when going to watch Incredibles 2 yo

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