Movie Reviews with Tim – Hell Fest

Michael Myers , Jason Vorhees, Freddie Kruger all walk into a theme park! 

Welcome to a new age of slasher film horror. A great interpretation of what it means to step out of the norm and change things up. Bring on the new and kudos goes to director Gregory Plotkin for not being afraid to show 2018 the new slasher genre. Welcome to HELL FEST. Bringing pure hell in nothing better than a haunted them park. Haunted houses haunted rides and full on pure horror anything goes. 

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       Plotkin provides us with a great setting, bringing his theme park to life (well actually to Hell) and astonishing design work. This was an extremely solid slasher flick. Especially in today’s pool where we’re sold something as horror but they seemingly usually are anything but. Hell Fest does an amazing job of creating the “plot guessing” whodunnit, is this real, is this a gag and who’s the killer-type stuff. Pretty decent up close kills. Far from perfect but a very decent film that did a great job catching the bits that made slasher of old so damn fun to watch. Thank you for bringing back the 80’s!! Aside from The Nun, which was a total let down, this movie is one of the better horror/slasher films to be released in a long time.


   Most of what we get today is trash. It’s not on the level of the new great classics such as  (the VVitch and Hereditary) this movie did its job and help its own. Hell Fest was fun, intense, gory, and in parts…Well done. I give this movie a 4.0 it played its part and stayed in its lane and succeeded! So it’s in a lane of success let’s say your burger animal style. Hell Fest is a movie that will be a cult classic for a lifetime, it can be rewatched and an easy date night movie. So grab the significant other and go see this. Come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and let me know what you think. Keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need and keep it grubbin! 


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