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      Love…. it’s a joy, it’s a pain. It can cause you to be on cloud nine as well as slip you into the worst state of depression. Overall love could simply be a four letter word of what you make it. I just witnessed beauty. Beauty in creativity, film, passion and the heartbreak of LOVE! “UPHILL”, a short film by up and coming director DJ Remark, brings all emotions to the small screen. First let me start by saying I enjoy short films and how they provide the power of raw emotions and the punch of creative thoughts to get the point across in such a short time. UPHILL is a ride you don’t want to miss.


     A story of a once beautiful relationship that was torn to pieces by its lead character (Bill), things go downhill and the ball continues to roll. Seeing the pure emotion of depression setting in and being victim of his mistake, Bill finds himself in the everyday battle of daily routine and being unhappy with what he let slip away. Fast forward, Bill is soon faced with what his reality could be, his dream of rekindling their flame and taking “LOVE” to a new level… Sometimes some flames can’t be rekindled and the feeling of love may lead to other circumstances. This time understanding that moving on could lead to happiness and find Love –Uphill


   I really enjoyed this short movie. From the beginning it brought you in and you felt the emotion of pain. It brought all emotions through the end. The flash backs of the relationship were incredible, showing what once was and the heartache of what was lost. I love the music, the score. The camera angles- let me give kudos that this movie was shot with a Samsung galaxy S9… stand up and drop the mic, superb job DJ Remark. The only thing that I would change was to reduce the amount of dialogue. Otherwise, I think that the point was made powerful through the pure, raw emotion captured through memories of what once was. A story that everyone could relate to on some level. I give this movie a 4.2 of some good impossible burgers with seasoned fries and a slight room of improvement. Great movie that many need to see, just too much of the dialogue. I’m blown away from the use of the camera (galaxy s9) and I honestly see huge things from this new director. Short films are very powerful and this one hit it, missed the bullseye by just an inch but DJ Remark you are on your way! So to you all get up off the couch and go check this out! Come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and provide me your feedback. Keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need! Oh yeah remember to keep it grubbin!


**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 4.2**

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