News – “British couple gets drunk, buys hotel they’re staying at on honeymoon” – Everyone’s made crazy impulsive choices after they’ve had a few too many, but one couple got so drunk on their honeymoon that they purchased an entire hotel.

Gina Lyons, 33, and Mark Lee, 35, from London, might’ve had a bit too much rum when they made the spontaneous decision to buy the small beach-front spot in Sri Lanka.

During their three-week backpacking trip in December 2017, the couple hit it off with some of the staff members at the rustic location in Tangalle on their first night there.

After drinking 12 glasses of rum, they found out the lease was almost up on the hotel, so they agreed to take it over for three more years, which cost around $39,576.

“After finding out that it was [$13,200] a year, myself and Mark thought that it would be a brilliant idea to buy it, because we were so drunk,” Lyons told The Daily Mirror.

So after reading this I’ve really decided two things. One, they are wild as fuck. They literally made an old school deal with money they probably don’t have to buy property they didn’t want. Drunk Husband: let’s do this, where do I sign? The people that sold them the place probably saw fresh meat and told the bartender…”Drinks on us”. It’s like some shit out of a movie haha. Second thing I have come to realize is…these ppl are geniuses!! If I had money like that it would be a wrap I’m buying everything if I’m drunk as fuck.

They literally now have a permanent vacation spot they can go to whenever they want. They make residual income at a resort area as long as the business keeps making money. Listen I’m going on my honeymoon a week from now in the Bahamas. Let some dude come up to me with a proposition like that…MANNNNN!! I’ll buy some lil shack and call it “Chinos Bahama Breeze”, “ Chinos Bahama Adventure”, or even keep it simple…Chino’s Shack & Kitchen!! Something wild creative…so I can be on Vacation the rest of my life.

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