News – “Arby’s Will Start Serving Up Duck Breast Sandwiches, A Fast Food First”

foodbeast.comArby’s has pushed the limits of what meats can be used in fast food, especially with their wildly popular drops of venison burgers the past couple of years. In another fast food first, the meat purveyor will now serve up whole duck breast sandwiches for a limited time.

Arby’s has been promoting the new release via not-so-subtle posts on Twitter that involve duck hunting within their restaurants. It is a first for the chain, and for the fast food industry, which has yet to see a duck item come from such a major player.

According to their official website, on Saturday, October 20, 16 different locations around the country will start selling the Seared Duck sandwiches.

Each one features a whole duck breast, smoked cherry sauce, and crispy onions on a signature Arby’s bun.

Arby’s is thinking outside the box and doing things differently with the new limited duck breast sandwich. Honestly I will say duck is a delicious food. I’ve had it a few times over the years; and if this sandwich is done right, this could be another hit for the chain with all the meats. The sandwich sounds good, duck breast with a cherry sauce, crisp onions on the signature Arby’s bun. In my opinion it sounds like a solid sandwich. I personally would give it a try to see if it is worth the hype.

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