News – “Outraged Parents Say Davis Student Shared Cookies Made with Her Grandmother’s Ashes” – DAVIS — A family in Davis is shocked and upset after their son came home and told them about a bizarre incident at a Davis high school.

He told them another student brought cookies to school baked with her grandmother’s ashes and was passing them around.

“This girl is going around telling everyone, basically at this point, that she had brought in these cookies to school with human ashes in them,” said the Da Vinci Charter Academy High School student who spoke to FOX40 on Monday.

He claims the tainted cookies were made by another Da Vinci Charter Academy student two weeks ago and given to others.

The boy’s family agreed to speak to FOX40 on the condition that their identities be hidden for fear of repercussion from the Davis Joint Unified School District.

“It blew my mind. I was really repulsed and I was upset that I wasn’t even notified,” the boy’s mother said.

I…I just…dude what the fuck..

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