“The Hot Box is Showing Out Today!”: Villa Deli – Sicklerville, NJ

This review is LOOOONNGGGG overdue and for that I apologize. Villa Deli is located in Sicklerville, NJ right across the street from the Winslow Diner. Full disclosure my family moved to Sicklerville in 2005 and I legit only discovered the deli…yes it’s that good that we simply call it “the deli”….like 5 years ago. That’s wild considering that I passed it hundreds of time and had no idea what I was missing out on, but lets just say I made up for lost time since then. I’ve pretty much tried everything on the menu and haven’t had anything bad yet. Everything is on point and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. Cheesesteak? Banging. Cheeseburgers? Elite. Cold hoagies? Yes lawd. Fries and sides, chicken cutlet, fried chicken, chicken salad, wraps, breakfast sandwiches, huge fresh salads, crab cakes, mac and cheese, paninis, motherfucking bacon wrapped filet’s??? All. So. Damn. Good.


And boy they don’t skimp, whatever you get from Villa Deli know that the portions are going to be on point. Every single day of the week they have some sort of special going on, one of my favorites are their homemade tacos on Monday and Tuesday. I’m basically here once a week just for these a lone and for less than 2 bucks a piece who can blame me. I put Chino onto the deli and the taco special when him and his boo bought their house in Sicklerville and I think he said he put down 10 tacos on his first visit because they were so legit.

The Deli’s true bright spot in my hungry humble opinion though is the hot box. Every single night they load this bad boy up with different delicious items. The only way to know ahead of time what’s going on for that day is to call ahead of time or just pop in. I choose to pop in because sometimes you have to let your eyes and nose pick your meal. Maybe that’s why it’s always packed because people are doing the same thing, freaking copy cats I tell ya. One day they might have stuffed salmon, and another it could be chicken cordon bleu and everything in between.

If you choose to do the hot box you get your main dish and two sides and as I mentioned above they don’t skimp, their going to load that platter the hell up. Me and Wayne have developed a bat signal when the hot box is especially poppin, we’ll text each other “Yoooo the hot box is showing OUT today!”. As soon as that text is received we’re both instantly en route like bugs bunny following a delicious scent. Oh and I forgot to mention not only is this platter basically two 5 star restaurant quality meals, it’s only like 12 bucks. You.Can’t.Beat.That. I usually end these reviews by saying “So if you’re in the area, check out (insert name)” but nah even if you’re outside the area you should check out this deli because it’s that damn good!

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