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This weeks delivery of Home Chef, I went alittle out of my norm choices mostly because I just didn’t like the choices they offered.

Day 36: Baja Fish Tacos with Sriracha slaw and pickled shallot



These were so good. Homemade fish tacos is quickly becoming my favorite thing to cook and eat! I’ve also ordered fish tacos three times now and each time the recipe is so different and delicious!

Day 37: Chicken with Balsamic-Red Onion Marmalada and ranch fingerling potatoes



The potatoes, OMG! Literally it’s just potatoes baked in olive oil and then tossed in only ranch dressing seasoning. So simple and amazing. I will definitely be keeping these in mind for future meals.

The rest of the recipe was delicious as well but the timing was way off because I basically doubled the cooking time on pretty much everything.

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