News – “Apple changes bagel emoji after controversy on social media” – After a social media outcry, Apple has changed the design of its bagel emoji.

The controversy erupted when Apple put out an emoji depicting a rather plain-looking bagel without cream cheese or any other kind of spread.

The internet was not pleased.

Various social media users decried the bland appearance of the design.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese itself weighed in — launching a twitter poll and a tongue-in-cheek petition.

Apple finally relented, releasing an updated emoji depicting a doughier bagel — with cream cheese.

The company’s emoji can now join the ranks of presumably acceptable bagel designs from Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Twitter.

I can’t wait until the great emoji war breaks out in 2023…. the east will be fighting for the emojis, the west the gifs and the south will be repping old ass  facebook memes..

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