News – “Someone Has Infused Beer with the Maligned Halloween Treat Known as Candy Corn” – Imagine licking a kernel of candy corn. I know, I’m sorry to do that to you but this is important: What does it taste like? Things I know about candy corn are that it’s been around for over 100 years; if you stack it nicely it’ll resemble corn on the cob; it appears unbidden as if out of thin air (very spooky and on-brand) in October despite virtually no trace of it the other 11 months; and eating it makes me feel like an overzealous toddler who bit into a seasonally scented candle. The undeniable presence of sugar is good (and will inspire everyone in the country to eat at least a handful of the stuff this Halloween, thereby perpetuating the demand and our national shame); the beeswax mouthfeel is bad. But I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it having a distinct or overpowering flavor.

Which is why I don’t really understand how a brewery in Wisconsin is making candy corn-flavored beer. Let alone why they would do such a thing.

The Westallion Brewing Company debuted a beer last week (which will be on tap through the end of the month) that they describe as a typical cream ale with a “house-made candy corn flavoring” mixed in.

A small part of me thinks its cool that we can basically get everything infused or in some sort of outrageous flavor these days…even if I’ll never try some of it, but it’s still cool that these advances in foodology exist….with all that being said…get this shit the hell out  my face and burn it with fire.

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