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    “A STAR IS BORN”, what more can I say when a movie leaves you in awe and speechless! It takes a lot for me to call a movie a classic, great, something for the ages and just pure brilliance! This movie was perfect in every way possible. Even by it being a so call ROM-DRAM (romantic drama) I guess.. it excelled and conquered what it intended to do. Created by and directed by Bradley Cooper, also starring in it, he brings real life drama, of success and the hardships of downfall. Alongside him is the amazing Lady GaGa, amazing not only explains how exceptional she was in this movie but I think she sets a new bar for crossover entertainers. She was purely immaculate! Again I was left speechless on how well this movie was and how real yet alone how beautiful the whole story from beginning to the very end was.

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         A STAR IS BORN, brings the story of Jackson “Jack” Maine and Ally. The movie opens with Jack (Cooper) taking the stage and performing at a massive outdoor show. Soon after , not shy to the bottle, he gets drunk in his private SUV, and orders his driver to stop at a nearby bar. It happens to be the place where Ally (Lady Gaga) hits the stage and puts on a performance regularly. That evening, with her amazing voice she brings “La Vie En Rose”, stunning Jack with her singing. He meets Ally after the show, and a beautiful story ensues.. yes A STAR IS BORN, also an everlasting love…  15 minutes into the movie, you get a little taste of what’s to come but to tell you more would spoil your experience of something that will truly be considered a classic so you’ll just have to see for yourself how it all unwraps.

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        Phenomenal, the story, the direction, the originality, the music….. THE MUSIC! You could feel the originality and the passion in the music. Cooper showed his skills and LADY GAGA omg, she just put herself into a class of her own. She’s been stuck in that genre of music that we haven’t seen this beautiful side of her. Let me just say, Whitney Houston!!! Close your eyes and remember the first time you heard “I will always love you” by Whitney and think about the pure emotion that overcame you and the way it continues to make you feel. Such a timeless and beautiful song right? Now 2018 blesses us with the beautiful voice of Gaga and yes she had amazing songs through the movie, but the last number would send the toughest of the toughest to their knees. It was amazing. Again you have to witness for yourself to see what I mean.

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   I give this movie a 5.0 of the greatest burgers ever prepared and all of the sides that would leave you running back for more. Beautiful work done and a big big thank you to Bradley Cooper, I promise you that many awards will go to him, Gaga and this film. Get up of the couch grab your significant other and you must see this movie! Come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and let me know your thoughts. Keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need and yeah always remember to KEEP IT GRUBBIN!!


**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 5.0**

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