News – “Giant stray pig lured back to Highland home with Doritos” – HIGHLAND (KABC) — A giant escapee was on the loose in San Bernardino County Sunday.

Deputies from the Highland station say residents called to report a pig the size of a mini-horse running around a neighborhood.

They weren’t exaggerating.

Deputies knew where the massive fellow belonged, as they’d been called to the area before. He was also a friendly escapee.

One deputy sacrificed some of her lunch, using a trail of Doritos to help lure him back home.

They managed to put him back behind his gate.

“We were able to put him back in and secure the gate. It was fun!” one deputy said in an Instagram post.

Me and this pig are kindred spirits,in my college days I’ve found my way home many a 2 am nights following the scent of Doritos and nuggets.

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