News – “Little Rock security guard smacks knife-wielding shoplifter with piece of raw meat” – A security guard at a Little Rock grocery store smacked a shoplifter with a piece of raw meat after she pulled a knife on him Sunday, police reported.

Officers were called at 4:02 p.m. to Shoppers Value Foods at 6800 Colonel Glenn Road. A security guard, Anthony Smith, 42, said he’d confronted a woman suspected of filling her empty purse with about $50 in raw meat, according to a police report. The woman punched him in the face and ran outside.

Smith reportedly chased the woman into the parking lot, where he grabbed her purse and she pulled out a large pocket knife. He then hit the woman with a piece of meat that had been in her purse. The woman dropped the knife and ran east on Colonel Glenn Road.

Dude this is like the 5th article we’ve come across since starting this blog that involved someone stuffing raw meat into their pants or purse….guys I think it’s clear your always going to be stopped. Could you imagine witnessing this live though? Your putting your groceries in the backseat and you look up and see the security sprinting after a women….and smacks her with a porkchop to defend himself from being stabbed LOL I need this security footage. 

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