News – “Uber Plans To Launch Food-Delivery Drones” – In a few years, you may order food from UberEats, and a flying drone may deliver it to your door. The Wall Street Journal reported that Uber plans to launch food-delivery drones by 2021. A job post, which Uber later removed from its website, indicated that the company was looking for an operations manager to handle delivery drones.

Uber Technologies Inc. has a ridesharing app that allows drivers, who work as independent contractors, to connect with people who need a need ride. The company also owns UberEats, which lets people deliver food from local restaurants. Although Uber depends on humans to do the deliveries and driving today, it is developing multiple ways to automate these processes and reduce or eliminate the need for people. It appears that drones that deliver food are part of its plans.

A job post, which is not visible on Uber’s website anymore, mentioned that the company needed an operations manager for its food-delivery drone program UberExpress. The Wall Street Journal shared that the company wanted to have functional drones by next year and planned to launch them in multiple markets by 2021. After removing the job listing, the company stated that the program was still in its early days.

I already stated multiple times that I’m alllll the way in on this….getting burritos, pizza and whoppers airdropped in between episodes of a good Netflix binge would definitely be a dream come true. With that being said, we need to hurry this up Uber execs…2021 is wayyyy to far away.

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