News – “Indiana man allegedly stole trailers filled with soybeans” – WINCHESTER, Ind. (AP) – Eastern Indiana police say a man allegedly stole a semi and two trailers loaded with soybeans and then sold the grain for about $17,000.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Department says the 55-year-old man was arrested Friday. The Star Press reports the man hasn’t been formally charged, but faces preliminary charges that include theft in excess of $50,000.

Capt. Tom Pullins says the man allegedly stole a semi-tractor trailer loaded with soybeans from a Randolph County farmer in June.

He says surveillance video shows the same stolen semi was used to steal another soybean-filled trailer from a Randolph County business in September. Pullins says the suspect later told the soybeans for about $17,000.

The second trailer has been located, but the tractor and trailer stolen in June remain missing.

These kind of thefts are always hilarious to me because this means he had to plan this out…know the value of said soy beans…secure a damn buyer and then execute this plan…Breaking Bad/Oceans 11 type shit over some damn soy beans!! What’s even wilder is that he probably would have got away with it too if it wasnt ya know 2018 and everything is basically monitored.

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