News – “There’s a bar in an Arizona IHOP” – Earlier this month a Phoenix, Ariz. IHOP opened with an unusual feature: a full-service bar called Rise N Shine.

“This was a unique opportunity that an IHOP franchisee identified and worked closely with the brand to make happen,” said Stephanie Peterson, an IHOP spokesperson. Glendale, Calif.-based Dine Brands Global Inc is the parent company of IHOP as well as Applebee’s.

The Phoenix location had previously been a Lone Star Steakhouse with an existing bar and liquor license.

The bar serves craft beer, wine, and brunch-inspired cocktails, such as the Mulemosa, with Regatta ginger beer, sparkling wine, and a splash of orange juice; the Blue Roof Bloody Mary, with a Tajin rim, celery, olives, and hickory-smoked bacon; and the Frozen Rooty Rita, a blended margarita with strawberry puree.

This isn’t the first franchisee-lead initiative, said Peterson.

“Some of our most successful innovations over the last 60 years have started with our franchisees bringing ideas forward,” she said.

IHOP Pancake Day is one example. “The event was started by a group of franchisees in the North East in 2005 as a way to help charities focused on providing lifesaving treatments to kids and families.”

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I haven’t actually physically been in a IHOP since I was in college back in ’03 but if the one near me actually was serving up brunch cocktails I would definitely be a regular. Especially with how low their menu prices are, yea this one of those things that need to go national asap. 

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