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Michael Myers and the legendary Halloween is back. 40 years later and we are presented with the “actual” sequel! Welcome back four decades of children’s nightmares. Let me get to the point, this movie was a huge letdown, I am a super Halloween guru-fanatic, the original 1978 film is and quite frankly always will be a classic masterpiece. I can say that out of the original 5 (except that trash part 3 -season of the witch) were all great films. But, the new HALLOWEEN, being brought back and directed by the legendary John Carpenter led me to believe that this was going to be a more updated and modern version of his great movies. Let alone, I was sadly mistaken… and disappointed in thinking so. HALLOWEEN was a blumhouse production and was geared to all other films they produce, most well-known such as the well produced insidious series, including Annabelle, and the conjuring.

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A seemingly dark movie, with the very predictable quick and loud jump scares. As all Halloween films a ton of violence but this time putting more on the back story and building with story of Michael, the randomness of the killings are so head scratching and just.. “why” lol!!! Again it’s so predictable! What bothers me the most is the fact that this movie is the “sexual” to the first movie sooooo every other Halloween movie that came after that is ummm how can I say this —- non-existent!!! What??? I’m so confused so no Halloween h2o no LL COOL J, no Halloween resurrection?? No BUSTA RHYMES no TYRA BANKS?? No real death of Jamie Lee Curtis? How the hell is she alive and getting revenge when she clearly dies in resurrection?? Lol great job Halloween series.. oh don’t let me forget, no ROB ZOMBIE rendition either?? All this is non existent. So through my rant let’s just say that this “sequel” needs to be the last. I do believe that the world would be better of without this series continuing.

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I give this new HALLOWEEN “so called sequel” a 3.8 of some not well made burgers but I guess the sides were good enough to have a dinner with. I’m just baffled by the way that none of the other movies mean anything at all.. I can tell you that if you want a good date night movie this one is for you. Oh yes fellas your lady will definitely put her head into your arms from the creepy Michael Myers. For all the real Halloween fans beware and approach with caution it’s not a great movie! So give it a go, provide me THE MOVIE MAN with your feedback and remember to keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin and also remember to keep it grubbin!!!!

**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 3.8**

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