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TUPAC upon being one of the greatest of all time you are heavily missed. Not only as a rapper but as a human being. An activist, that stood up to create and make change for humanity and global situations that could heal the pain that is felt by our youth then, today and the unborn soon to come. The word THUG LIFE means so much more than the dark “connotation” that society presents it as. It’s not a person or a group of people, but as how it was embraced and re-invented by TUPAC, the word (THUG LIFE) brings to the light that “T.he H.ate Y.ou G.ive L.ittle I.nfants F.ucks E.veryone”! Close your eyes, take a second to think about that and embrace the genius of this man. Now look at society today and OPEN your eyes!!!

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T.he H.ate U. G.ive, Presents you with a brilliant and impactful opening scene, we are introduced to some incredibly heavy and mood-killing narration – more than real, and unfortunately handling a major issue that haunts across the nation. Though it’s a shame it was included (to this extent, at least), it subsides somewhat after the first act, only to present again in sporadic areas to cap off proceedings. Placing points on the inevitable, of the fight on “police brutality “ it can’t diminish the effect of the overall piece. ALL LIVES MATTER, and that can be depicted as this film really is a powerful, emotionally affecting experience that speaks volumes even at its quietest moments. It features many surprisingly deep and poignant scenes and often knifes at the heart of an incredibly divisive, seemingly increasingly pervasive issue. Centered around the young up and coming star Amandela Stenberg (The darkest minds), she finds herself taking stand and becoming the voice for not only young black people but for all people feeling the suppression of racism, police brutality and hate among one another. Understanding that the youth has the power to present change. She does an amazing job in this movie and so does director George Tillman jr.

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THE HATE U GIVE is absolutely one of the most timely, thought-provoking and touching features of the year; i think it was needed and a film that was right on time. I give this movie a 4.6 vegan cheesy impossible burgers yummmm it did an amazing job on touching on the topics of today and how it’s being dealt with our youth and society across the nation. Beautifully shot and a great soundtrack and let’s not forget a great cast this movie creates its legend to sit with the big dogs such as BOYZ IN THE HOOD, MENACE TO SOCIETY, JUICE and HIGHER LEARNING. The hate you give little infants fucks everyone, goes across the board, no matter the color,  it destroys!! Open your eyes present love, and teach that ALL LIVES MATTER! PERIOD! Go see this movie, open your eyes and receive its message. Come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and let me know your thoughts. Remember to keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need and remember to keep it grubbin!!!

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