A restaurant advertised as “Vegetarian” had a host of diners one night looking to enjoy their noodle dishes when some suspected a weird “meaty” substance sprinkled into their food. After further investigation, diners were outraged and contacted the authorities. When they arrived, they found blood splattered all over the walls of the kitchen, chunks of human meat on floor and the remains of a 61-year old man in the septic tank.

The man was identified as Prasit Inpathom, who had been a regular at the eatery, who allegedly got into a fight with the owner which ultimately ended in his death. The restauranteur probably in a panic thought, what better way to dispose of a body then by putting it in other peoples stomachs right?

It is not known exactly how many people consumed the human flesh and reports state that the owner has disappeared and police are currently on a manhunt, as the owner is still at large on the run.

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Talk about a contradiction!! I mean besides the obvious wtf Dexter elements to this whole story, how you a vegetarian and you’re out here serving up oven roasted Prasit to these unsuspecting customers.

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