News – “Man injured by exploding Corona beer bottle: ‘It’s like they are selling glass hand grenades'” – Another man says he was badly injured when a Corona beer bottle suddenly exploded, shooting shards of glass into his leg.

“It’s like they are selling glass hand grenades,” retired California lawyer John Jay Curtis said of the New York-based brewing company.

Curtis, 75, is the third man in recent months to tell The Post that a Corona bottle exploded while he was handling it, causing gruesome injury.

Curtis said he was carrying a 24-bottle case of Corona into his Mission Viejo, Calif., house Sept. 25 — walking toward the door to his kitchen from the garage — when “there was an explosion like someone shot off a grenade.

“All of a sudden, I’m in abject pain and thrown back on the ground. My right leg is all cut and bleeding profusely,” Curtis said.

“I passed out and lost consciousness for maybe 20 seconds and just bled everywhere, and then I come to, and I scream for my partner to come out and help me, and he did, and he started picking out the glass.

“It took us 20 minutes to stop the bleeding and get the glass out,” Curtis said.

Then in the ensuing days, the wound “started festering and got red and started hurting,” Curtis said.

“I contacted my primary care physician, who said, ‘I feel something in there.’ She numbed me up and took a scalpel and found a little shard of glass that was in there.”

Okay one report is a fluke but when multiple people are out here getting fucked up by Corona bottles like their running through a battlefield it’s time to make a change guys….I know I’ll be staying away…fuck that shit, my eyes are bad enough as is.

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