Global Restaurant Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Global Restaurant Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

With the final months of 2018 approaching, now’s the time to look out for trends in the restaurant industry in the next coming year. Whether it is exploring exotic ingredients, a glossy menu of delectables, or food porn posted on social media, today’s foodies are flooded with images of food and drink. In fact, 95% of Americans are interested in unique dining adventures, according to a global study by the World Food Travel Association. Not to mention, 4 out of 5 U.S. travelers enjoy gourmet experiences such as dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant or wine tasting at a local vineyard.

While fine dining is only a part of the food trend, many also enjoy bistros, street foods, and home-cooked meals – even when they eat out. If you are one of those foodies who enjoy a great dining experience, why not take a look at the upcoming global food trends and start making plans for your next dinner reservation?

Plant-based menus

With a large number of people beginning to adopt plant-based diets, restaurants are eager to cater to the rising trend by offering vegan options. In fact, 51% of U.S. chefs added plant-based items to their menus, according to research by Foodable Labs. The raw ingredients trend has hit America’s eateries like Farm & Craft, whose founder, Ryan Hibbert, has based the entire menu around living foods. So, why the sudden rise in popularity? This may be due to the surge of foodie-influencers on social media as 79% of bloggers have shared photos of plant-based foods. In addition, 2017 revealed a 17% increase in vegan takeout, according to GrubHub, the nation’s leading meal delivery service.

Rise of “-Free”

Thanks to the growth of gluten-free mania, the trend will continue to grow with the rise of allergies and food intolerances. Rather than omitting it altogether, consumers are also looking to reduce gluten intake with slow-dough bread and milk varieties. As 70% of the global population is genetically unable to consume lactose, studies suggest the benefits of dairy-free diets, including clearer skin and better digestion. Not to mention, the villain that is refined sugar, which has been linked to obesity, heart disease, and bladder cancer.

Food Bowls

Another recent trend that is showing no signs of stopping is food bowls. In fact, Prince Happy and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, revealed how their wedding reception included food bowls along with champagne and canapes. Served in hand-sized portions, food bowls have been found in a variety of different menus, including vegan, pasta, meats, smoothies, Poke and more.

Artisan setting

Artisan cuisine is a phrase that can be found in nearly every special event looking for trendy menu goals. For those still unsure what it entails, this concept is based on the expertise, craftsmanship, and quality of the ingredients. The trend roots from a growing demand to provide quality tastes with the desire to consume local ingredients. While the “farm to table” is similar, this trend offers a range of food and drink, from beer and juices to cheese and bread.

So, what else is to come within the next year? Ready or not, as cannabis is legalized in a number of countries, the herb is giving chefs more ideas and inspirations to explore. In fact, we’ve already seen the subtle inclusions of love cookies, happy pizzas, pot chips, cannabis smoothies, and space cakes appearing on U.S. menus so far.


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