News – “Canadian Football Player Celebrates Touchdown by Chugging Beer Through His Facemask” – “I think I’m the G.O.A.T. for the celebration. I don’t know if anybody can beat that.”

On Sunday, New Orleans Saints receiver Michael Thomas celebrated his touchdown by dropping to his knees, reaching under the padding on the goal post, and pulling out a flip phone so he could pretend to call someone to tell them what he’d just done. It was impressively premeditated—and also a throwback reference to former Saints receiver Joe Horn, who broke out his own end zone flip-phone during a game in 2003.

Earlier in the day, the Seattle Seahawks went full boy band, doing a choreographed dance behind wide receiver and TD scorer Jaron Brown. And that’s fine, all of it is fine, but neither Brown nor Thomas could touch Jon Gott’s celebration—mostly because Gott’s involved booze.

On Friday night, the Ottawa Redblacks beat the Toronto Argonauts 24-9 in the final game of the Canadian Football League (CFL) season. During the third quarter, running back Mossis Madu scored to give the Redblacks a 14-point lead and Gott, an offensive lineman who is listed at 6’3”, 297 pounds, ran towards the fan area, grabbed his girlfriend’s beer, and chugged it through his facemask.

OH CANADA!!!!! This is the touchdown celebrations to end all touchdown celebrations! We’ve seen in the past some food related celebrations, such as Terrell Owens “Get yo popcorn” dance back in 2007 but Jon Gott’s of the Ottowa RedBlacks just won the game.  If you ever been to a party on any college campus in the country that has a football program, you can be damn sure to find a group of large (bearded) men pounding beers and smashing cans on their heads!! Those my friends would be the offensive line. The gentle giants of the gridiron, but also the turn ups at any party. The O-Line Culture is a very unique culture.

Mean and nasty, want to kill anyone who gets in their way on the field, and when off the field they wanna kill any beer that gets in their way. These men are the party starters!! Just give them a can of BEAST LIGHT or in this case COORS ORIGINAL (BTW DOESNT GET ENOUGH LOVE, ITS A PRETTY DAMN GOOD BEER) and watch that sucker disappear with in seconds, then prepare yourself for the fire works, as they crush the can over their already CTE addled brains. CHEERS to you Jon Gott, you give all offensive linemen hope that one day they can celebrate a touchdown with an ice cold beer.

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