News – “Man falls through Waffle House roof in video, fights customers and runs away” – Police are searching for a man who fell through the ceiling of a Waffle House and then shoved customers as he ran out of the restaurant. 

According to local news site Times Daily, authorities in Tuscumbia, Alabama, say Wesley Glenn Bost, 27, was trying to break into a Waffle House on Sunday when he crawled into the restaurant’s ceiling.

Surveillance video shows Bost going into the restaurant’s bathroom and tying his jeans to the door, ABC’s WAAY reports. He reportedly broke the sink and the toilet trying to get into the ceiling. 

Then, customers watched as the ceiling appeared to cave in and the man fell out, causing a heap of debris to fall on top of a booth table, as seen in a video shared on Facebook. He fought through patrons and staff to the exit, where he fled the scene. 

First Off I’ve Always Said Nothing Good Is Happening @ A Waffle House Between The Hours Of OPEN – CLOSE. “But Big Al Waffle House Is Open 24hrs”, EXACTLY MY POINT! Nothing Good Comes From A Waffle House Except Their Waffles & Some Form A Drunken/High Entertainment.

Me, Myself, Personally, I’m Surprised At The Amount Of White People (Colonizers) That Were At That Establishment. I Saw Two/Three Black People There & They Were Working. So That Just Lets You Know No Matter What Race You Are Ain’t Nothing But Tom Foolery Going On At A Waffle House. The Only Smart MF In The Video Was The Woman At The End That Said “Just Let Him Go”. From The Octave Levels She Sound Like A Sista (And The Only One With Some Sense). I Say All That To Say This Waffle House Ain’t Nothing But The Damn Devil. 

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