News – “McDonald’s Customer Angry Over Missing Ketchup Attacks Store Manager” – SANTA ANA (CBSLA) – A McDonald’s customer who was allegedly upset about her order is accused of assaulting an employee in Santa Ana.

Police say a Hispanic woman in her 20s entered from the employee back door of the McDonald’s restaurant on the 1500 block of North Bristol around 11 p.m. on Oct. 27 and asked for ketchup.

When she was confronted by the store manager, the woman become combative and “pushed, punched, and choked” the victim, , Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.

375556aecf38456abc4ca6dd83a2ecfa WATCH: McDonalds Customer Angry Over Missing Ketchup Attacks Store Manager

At one point in the surveillance video, an employee is seen handing a customer’s order through the drive-thru window as the two women tussled nearby.

The suspect pummeled the woman employee until a man “intervenes and takes the (suspect) out of there,” Bertagna said.

“Obviously, we take these things seriously,” he said. “There’s no reason an employee in our city should take a beating over ketchup — it’s

If you follow this blog or listen to the podcast then you know we believe in the philosophy of you gotta hear both sides….however i’m drawing the line at throwing hands and feet over missing a damn ketchup packet…now I have, in the past, been very upset when I’ve ordered a 20 piece nugget and they forgot my BBQ sauce…but the most I thought about was going back inside and asking for my condiment with a slight SLIGHT attitude…never thought about causing a Royal Rumble inside the place….homegirl had to be going through some things to get that upset over a packet of ketchup.

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