News – “Stone Cold Steve Austin Gives Up Trademark Beer Chugging”

thefix.comThe legendary WWE star has given up alcohol and taken up yoga. 

Steve Austin will no longer bust beers on WWE after giving up alcohol

Steve Austin is breaking the habit.  WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin announced on his podcast, The Steve Austin Show, that he is giving up beer. The WWE wrestler announced to fans that he’s doing it for his health, and that he hasn’t had a drink in over two weeks.

“My eating program is going fantastic. [I’m] sticking to my exact macros. [I’ve had] zero alcohol for right at 14 days now,” he said on the podcast. “Pounds are coming off. My strength is going up. Jesus Christ, I’m getting as strong as a goddamn horse over here.”

Quitting beer isn’t the only way the WWE legend is boosting his health, he also told listeners he’s started Diamond Dallas Page’s yoga program.

“No alcohol, and when you hit the weights on a consistent basis and eat what you’re supposed to, it is amazing the difference that you can make or I’m making,” he raved on the show. “I’m also doing my DDP Yoga s—. Hell, I’m going to jump up here and do the splits like a goddamn cheerleader in a minute! I’m flexible as a motherf—. Dallas’ program works like a b—. I appreciate it, Dallas. I appreciate it, man. That’s a badass program. I’m sticking to it.”

He also told listeners about another change, though one that’s less in the interest of his health and more about trying something new: medical marijuana.

My heart is hurting…. one of my alcohol drinking icons is going sober. I’m happy for my guy because he’s taking his health more seriously and that’s huge. This guy DDP  got hella grown men doin yoga… I might have to cop the DVDs (bootleg of course 😂👀) and see what its hittin for. 

In honor of a fallen soldier, there will be a Stone Cold beer toast on the Just Grubbin IG Story this coming Sunday! Until then… be easy, dont be greasy, and sure that macaroni stay extra cheesy!

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