News – “Dad blasts bakers who made son’s pathetic birthday cake”

nypost.comAn Aussie dad is putting his local grocery store on blast for delivering the most pathetic birthday cake ever for his 3-year-old son’s party.

Shane Hallford ordered the cake from a Woolworths store in Tamworth, New South Wales, on Sunday, three days before his son Mason’s big day.

“I explained to them we wanted a frog theme, as my son loves frogs,” Hallford vented on Facebook, according to Yahoo7 News. “They told me it could be done, no worries at all.”The sheet cake — which cost a whopping $49 — came with a special set of instructions that the store promised it would fulfill.

In line with the frog theme, Hallford got a green cake — as well as a pair of unconvincing decorations piped with matching icing.

Hallford said he was left “mortified.”

“They had this tiny little number 3, along with a smiley face, all written in green icing. It would have taken five seconds to do,” he groused.

To make matters worse, the fed-up dad called the store to see if they could fix the baked good — and was told that they didn’t “decorate” cakes.

“I was most disappointed with just the lack of effort. It seemed like they didn’t even care,” Hallford said. “It was a disgrace. I will never be buying cakes from Woolworths again.”

LOL Wooooooo buddy did they get over on you Shane….forget the whole lacking frog theme besides the cake being green….the weak ass smiley face and number 3 has me in physical tears because I’m laughing so hard…and they really charged that man 49 smackaroos for that bullshit…..i’d be furious also but the games the game I guess, they hustled the shit out of you.

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