News – “Heinz offers Mahomes ketchup for life if he scores 57 touchdowns”

kctv5.comKANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is 24 touchdowns shy of receiving what possibly could be a gift of a lifetime. 

After a profile piece by ESPN showcasing the 23-year-old NFL star and his love of ketchup on steak, Heinz was quick to come to his defense, extending a special offer to their number one fan.

Heinz is offering Mahomes ketchup for life if he can accomplish 57 touchdowns this season.

Currently, Mahomes has 31 passing and two rushing touchdowns.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is easily the NFL’s biggest star right now. But it turns out, the 23-year-old has an alleged flaw.

Apparently, Mahomes used to get bottles of it for his birthday. But since his newfound fame, he’s been sheepish to order it.

At one dinner recently, apparently, his mother ordered it for him so he could put it on the steak he was eating.

Getting a lifetime of your favorite condiment is definitely cool as hell and as an advocate of ketchup I’m jealous as hell of Mr. Mahomes…anybody can get a shoe deal but getting that condiment endorsement is something (foodie) dreams are made of….but Pat…i’m all about letting people eat what they want but ketchup on steak is simply wrong sir and honestly a tad bit offensive….smh

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