News – “Sour Patch Kids cereal to hit Walmart shelves in December”

6abc.comThe rumors are true: a Sour Patch Kids cereal is coming to a grocery store near you!

Post says its new cereal goes from sour to sweet and looks just like the colorful ‘kid-shaped’ candy pieces.

The cereal will hit Walmart shelves on Dec. 26, with a wider release set for June 2019.

According to Bustle, the cereal will retail for about $4 a box.

So I found the picture of this cereal on Twitter a few weeks ago but I thought someone was trolling…even so, I threw it up on our IG and ran a poll and as I suspected a majority of people are against it…and of course the serial killers said their here for it…alas it’s real and will be on shelves next month…i’m firmly against this, I just don’t need sour cereal in my life…BUT we live in a democratic society so lets hear it people…would you try this?

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