News – McDonalds Employee Charged for Trying Shove Bacon Down Managers Throat

islandpacket.comA Bluffton fast food restaurant employee was charged with third degree assault and battery Friday after she slapped her manager while trying to force-feed her a strip of purloined bacon, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office report.

The assault occurred just after 1:30 p.m. at the McDonald’s on Fording Island Road, the report said.

A manager at the restaurant told one of the cooks to stop eating bacon in the kitchen while she’s working, the report said. The employee continued to eat the bacon so the manager told her boss.

That angered the employee, who backed the manager into a corner and “tried to shove hot crispy bacon in (her) face,” in an effort to make her eat it, the report said.

When the manager tried to push her away, the employee hit her on the left side of the face while hanging on to the bacon, the report said. The employee then threw “a cup of an unknown substance” at the manager, the report said.

At this point, another employee stepped between the women and the manager called 911, the report said.

This is another case of having to hear both sides….now hear me out, we all know how delicious bacon is…even people that don’t eat bacon know how good bacon is…it’s the candy of the meats and clearly this bacon was hitting on another level for homegirl to continue to punish it all throughout her shift….after she got snitched on she probably thought to herself, “Oh really she doesn’t understand how good this bacon is…let me help her out”….she knew that the woman probably was going to give her a hard time so she decided to assist her and tried to put the bacon in her mouth for her…that’s just this mans thoughts on the matter though.


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